Amun – King of the Gods

Amun – Egyptian King of the GodsAmun is one of the greatest gods of the Egyptian pantheon.

By the time of the New Kingdom, he was the King of the Gods and his most important temple, at Karnak, became the richest in the land.

He was believed to have joined forces with the sun-god Ra, and was sometimes called Amun-Ra.

Although he was so mighty, Amun was also kid and understanding. He was a mysterious god and his name meant ‘the hidden one’.

Amun was least to recognise because of his crown, which consisted of a sun disk with two huge feathers at the top.

He also wore a false beard and his skin was sometimes painted the colour of the midday sky. Sometimes he appeared as a ram with short curved horns.

Even though Amun was so mighty he was also compassionate to the poor and weak.

There was a special prayer to him:

“Amun knows how to be kind and hears anyone who cries out to him”

Because of this merciful side to his character, Amun became a vary popular god and was even worshipped beyond the borders of ancient Egypt.

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