Anubis – God of Embalming

Anubis was the chief god of the dead.

The Egyptians believed that Anubis had invented the process of mummification and that he watched over the men who mummified the bodies of dead Egyptians.

Anubis was shown as an all-black jackal-type figure with the head of a jackal.

His ears were always pricked and pointed. When embalmers were at their work, they sometimes wore Anubis masks.

Anubis was a powerful god and his image appeared on all the sealed doors of burial chambers. Tomb robbers knew that if they broke the seal, the god would take his revenge.

Anubis had several special names.

One was ‘lord of the sacred land’ which referred to his role as master of the burial ground.

Another was ‘foremost of the divine booth’ meaning Anubis was the most important figure in the embalmer’s workshop.