Horus – God of Kingship

Horus - Egyptian God of KingshipHorus was the son of Osiris and Isis and is often shown as their child, with his finger in his mouth and the side-lock symbol of youth.

Horus fought and won a great battle with his dead father’s wicked brother Seth.

During this battle, one of Horus’s eyes was torn out of its socket. Seth tore the eye into many pieces and dropped them into the sea.

Thoth the god of wisdom, found them and pieced them back together.

Horus gave the healed eye to his dead father Osiris to try and bring him back to life.

The eye of Horus became a powerful symbol, it represented healing and power.

He avenged his father, the king, and so became the divine protector and god of every pharaoh.

Horus was the god of kingship from even early Egyptian times.

He was closely liked to the pharaoh, in whose hands the administration of the whole of Egypt was placed.

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Father – Osiris
Mother – Isis
Uncle – Seth