Isis – Wife of Osiris

Isis – Wife of OsirisIsis is one of the best known ancient Egyptian deities. Her husband was Osiris – God of the Underworld and her son was Horus.

She was usually shown as beautiful, slender woman in a close fitting dress.

She wore her symbol, a throne, upon her head, and sometimes had wings as well as arms.

Isis had a sister called Nephthys who was very similar to Isis but sometimes appeared as a kite, a bird of prey.

Like her sister, she could have wings instead of arms. When Nephthys spread her wings wide she protected shrines and coffins.

Isis’ husband Osiris was murdered by his evil brother Seth. Isis put all the pieces of Osiris’ body back together again.

Nephthys had been made to marry Seth, but she was good and she helped Isis to collect the parts of Osiris’ body.

Isis was then able to conceive her child Horus, by magic, but before she could give birth, she was captured by Seth.

Isis managed to escape and Horus was born on a secret island.

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Father – Geb
Mother – Nut
Husband – Osiris
Son – Horus
Sister – Nephthys
Brother-in-law – Seth