Ma’at – Goddess of Truth

Ma’at – Egyptian Goddess of TruthMa’at sometimes also spelt as Maat, was the goddess of truth, justice and order.

She was portrayed as a woman with a feather on her head and sometimes wore a dress patterned with feathers.

Ma’at was the goddess who made sure the seasons changed, that the stars moved in the heavens and that god and humans were in harmony.

Ma’at was also the patron goddess of judges. They wore an image of her as part of their uniform.

When an ancient Egyptian died, his mummified body and his soul went on a long, dangerous journey through the underworld. They would meet monsters and demons and have to overcome them.

In the Hall of the Double Ma’at the heart of the mummy was weighed against the feather of Ma’at.

This meant that the thoughts and actions of that person in life were measured against absolute truth and justice.

If they person failed the test, they would remain in the underworld and not pass through to the afterlife.

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