Seth – Wicked God of the Sky

Seth – Wicked Egyptian God of the SkySeth was a wicked god. He murdered his brother, Osiris Chief God of the Underworld, and dismembered the body, scattering parts all over the land.

Because he did this, Seth came to represent chaos, confusion and violent weather.

The ancient Egyptians admired order and harmony so Seth’s chaotic influence was very much feared.

He usually appeared with a forked tail and cloven hooves and his monstrous head had a snout and large, pricked ears.

He sometimes took the form of frightening animals such as a hippopotamus, a crocodile or a wild bull.

Horus challenged Seth to a contest to win the crown of Egypt. The contest was to be a race in stone boats.

Seth made a fine stone boat, but it sank at once. Horus had been cleverer; his boat was made of wood, but painted to look like stone.

Horus won and Seth was banished to the skies where he became the god of thunderstorms.

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