Tawaret – Protector of Pregnant Women and Children

Tawaret – Protector of Pregnant Women and ChildrenTawaret provided divine protection for women in childbirth.

She was a mixture of several creatures, having the head and body of a hippopotamus, lion’s paws and a crocodile’s tail.

All these parts from such fierce animals gave her great strength.

Nonetheless, she was a good goddess and her fierceness was only directed against those who threatened the people she protected.

Tawaret also had breasts and a round belly, revealing her association with pregnant women.

Tawaret was one of the wives of the wicked god Seth.

In one story, Seth turned himself into a bull and stamped on his brother Osiris until he was dead.

As a punishment, the gods cut off one of the bull’s legs and cast it to the heavens where it appeared as a star.

It was Tawaret’s duty to guard the foreleg and ensure it never left the heavens to harm anyone again.