Thoth – God of Wisdom

Thoth – Egyptian God of WisdomThoth was a god of wisdom and writing.

He was usually shown as a man with the head of an ibis or a baboon. Both creatures were sacred to him.

In temples dedicated to Thoth, ibis birds were bred in captivity and thousands of them were mummified and buried in his honour.

Near the greatest temple dedicated to Thoth, at Hermopolis, there is a cemetery with many mummified baboons buried in tunnels.

Ancient Egyptians believed that Thoth kept a little book in which he wrote down the fate of every man and woman, what would happen to them and how long they would live.

Some pictures and statues of Thoth show him holding a scribe’s palette.

He was also the keeper of secrets and a force of good magic, which he used to help other gods.